Lauren the Bridesmaid, Chapter 2

"Do you know how fucking awesome your dicks feel inside me? Fuck me harder. I want to feel everything. Ow! Shit!" Her praise was interrupted when I think both Byron and I hit bottom at the same time and stretched something too far. We both stopped. Lauren eased her holes down on our cocks and whispered "Don’t stop. I want it all." Byron started talking shit.

"Is…that…fucking…hard...enough…for…you…bitch?" Each word was accompanied by his hips jamming his dick hard inside her. "Take it all, slut. I am going to fuck your tits off, bitch!" Lauren and I burst out laughing. We had never heard such stupid smack and we stopped fucking for a bit while we tried to stop laughing. 

"Go for…ouch!, big boy" Lauren taunted, rotating her hips to take Byron all the way inside her. I was sliding the tip of my cock in and out near her asshole, plunging all the way in every few strokes.  The sensation of her tight asshole gripping the head of my cock was fantastic. Lauren getting her "tits fucked off" turned out to be too much for Byron.

"Fuucckk…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…." Byron said, almost whispering.

"Nope, un-uhn, not there," Lauren said sternly as she climbed off of his cock. My dick popped out of her ass with the sudden movement. "In my mouth," she said, sliding to her knees, licking Byron’s ample shaft. She reached back and grabbed my slick cock. Lauren guided me to the opening of her pussy and slid onto me. "There, Jimmy…cum there…" With that, Lauren swallowed Byron’s cock and squeezed his balls. 

Ah!  Ah! Fuck! Yeah!!" I could see Byron’s balls spasming as they pumped his semen into Lauren’s mouth. While I fucked her pussy, it was so hot to see Lauren’s throat muscles work as she swallowed Byron’s load. Lauren was cleaning the tip of his cock with her tongue when she started to cum again.

"Jimmy! That’s it…make me cum…fuck me and make me cum, Jimmy!" As I fucked her faster and harder, she moved her hips to fuck me back. She let go of Byron’s cock, arched her back, her mouth agape as her body built towards a climax. "Ohhhhhh…ohhhhh…ummmm…yeah…" she whispered as her body convulsed in orgasm. As she came, her pussy squeezed my cock and I couldn’t hold back.

"Oh, fuck Lauren! Yeah…fucck yeah…" My cock spewed another load of milky semen inside Lauren’s lovely body, "Geeezus…fuck…damn…" My voice trailed off as the last of my load flowed from my cock, still deep inside Lauren. Byron was still recovering from Lauren fucking him and sucking him dry. Lauren was still vibrating from cumming at the same time as I did, licking the last of Byron’s cum from her lips. We were all still a bit dazed when my spent, cum-coated cock slid from Lauren’s pussy, letting her creampie begin to flow. 

Lauren quickly stirred and took control. She climbed back on the bed and straddled Byron, dangling her dripping pussy over his face. "Byron, be a sweetheart and clean me up, please."

"Huh? Wait, I don’t…" Byron started to protest, but Lauren didn’t wait, sitting down on his face and grinding.

"Come on, lick my pussy Byron, now you’re my bitch…good boy!" Lauren ground her pussy into his face, reaching back and grabbing his hair and holding his face in her crotch. "Start licking, dude. I’m not letting go until my pussy is clean." Byron’s head started moving as he began to do as he was told. I could hear him licking my jizz from Lauren’s pussy. With her other hand, Lauren grabbed my balls and pulled me closer. "Let’s get you cleaned up, Jimmy." She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and licked it clean with a swirl of her tongue. She lifted my spent cock and ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, licking her lips after each stroke.

"Mmmmm…pussy, ass and cum, my new favorite flavor combination." She then swallowed me whole, making sure she savored every flavor coating my cock. Meanwhile, she was grinding into Byron’s face, coating him with pussy and my cum. He seemed to be more into it, holding Lauren by the hips as he licked her pussy in long, if somewhat involuntary, strokes. Suddenly an electronic voice cut through the peacefulness.

"376 report. Where are you?" Byron pushed Lauren off his face.

"Fuck, that’s me. I gotta go. I’m in trouble." I was the only one standing, so I unhooked the walkie talkie from the belt of his discarded uniform trousers. Byron was going to look pretty wrinkled when he got back to work I guessed. "376, copy," Byron said tentatively into the mouthpiece."

"376, where have you been?"

"Sorry boss, a guest asked for my assistance. I’ll be right down."

"376, we’ll talk." Byron was hustling into his pants and socks, trying to smooth his Hawaiian shirt top, which had a significant wet spot on it. He wiped his cum and pussy soaked face on the sheets.

"Sorry. Housekeeping will give you new sheets. I have to go. Thanks. Sorry." He headed for the door, running his hand through his hair, trying to tame his fuck hair. It wasn’t working. 

"Thanks for your assistance, Byron!" Lauren called after him. "I think you got your tip already." Byron reddened as he looked back from the open door. 

"Uh, yeah, sure, sorry. Gotta get back to work."

Lauren and I stared at the door after he left. "Kinda rude," I offered.

"Well, I sort of jumped him when he helped me with my bags. I’d never done two guys at once, he was cute and was sporting a boner, sooo…"

I shook my head. "Lauren, there is more to you than meets the eye."

She looked sad for an instant. "I know you won’t believe this, but I am not really as slutty as you’ve seen yesterday and today. Yeah, I sucked a lot of dick in college, and I have closed a couple of deals at work with a blowjob, but I am usually pretty boring. Maybe it’s knowing I am getting married and wanted to live a little. Maybe I wanted to try an older guy," she smiled impishly at me. 

"Try and kill him, I think!" I tackled Lauren onto the bed and we wrestled for a bit before our lips met and we kissed deeply. Lauren rolled over, back toward me. She reached back and grabbed my spent cock and nestled it in the crack of her cute ass. She ground against me to take my cock deeper in her crack.

"Jimmy, do you have any idea how much I loved you fucking my ass? I’ve never had dick in my ass, and no one has ever cum in my ass. It was amazing."

"You are amazing," I replied. "As you might have figured out, I love ass, I love fingering it, rimming it, licking it, fucking it, everything. You gave me the best ass fuck ever." My cock stirred. "Feel that? I am totally drained, but the thought of having your ass starts raising my cock from the dead."

Lauren chuckled a bit and rubbed my cock a little harder with her crack. "I think we’re magic, Jimmy. Here’s the deal—you own my asshole. No one else gets my ass but you. But whenever we are together, you have got to give me ass worship like you did yesterday and this morning. Deal?"

"Fuck yeah, deal! How could I resist?"

"But you have to take care of my ass, no matter what, right?"

"Absolutely!" I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Lauren rolled over, slid down my body to take me in her mouth again. 

"Let’s take a shower Jimmy," she said, stroking my wet cock as she spoke. "I want to suck this dick some more." 

Damned if she didn’t make me cum again…

Three months later…

I hadn’t heard a lot from Lauren after we parted, and I didn’t expect to. We exchanged a couple of texts, talked on the phone briefly once. In spite of her giving me ownership of her fine bum, I expected that St. Thomas was just a fling for both of us. She was getting married and starting a new life and I could only wish her well.

I was surprised then to get a wedding invitation in the mail, and a text making sure I was coming and asking where I was staying. I thought the wedding was going to be farther in the future, and I certainly didn’t expect to be invited. After all, to the outside world we met only once, and spent a day together. Hardly close enough to be invited to the small, intimate event she explained in her text. Lauren just said that I was family now.

So I traveled to Minnesota for the wedding. I didn’t stay with my brother as usual because his tiny house was now filled with his new wife and his two new stepchildren. I arrived a couple days early to visit with family and take advantage of restaurants like I don’t have in my rural home area. Lauren texted me the afternoon of my second day in town.

"I am downtown doing some shopping and want to say hi. What’s your room number?" I replied that I would be happy to see her again. I quickly tidied up myself and the room and tried to suppress my stiffening cock. This was just a social visit by a soon-to-be-married woman. Although coming to my room was a bit forward…

Lauren greeted me with her arresting smile when I opened the door. She wore a long down overcoat against the cold and carried a large shoulder bag. She pecked me on the cheek as she entered the room, dropped her bag on the floor and sat on the bed, kicking off her sensible shoes. This wasn’t a suite at the Ritz, so the bed was the easiest place to sit.

There was something different about Lauren, but I couldn’t quite place it. She was glowing, and not from the cold. Somehow she seemed more alive—something I wouldn’t have thought possible given our earlier encounter. We chatted a bit about the weather and her upcoming wedding. She seemed happy enough about getting married, but far from excited. 

"Could you rub my feet, Jimmy?" lifting her legs into my lap. Lauren sighed as I rubbed the arches of her feet and her ankles. "My feet get so sore these days. I haven’t walked that much today. I just met David for lunch and then came here."

"Why are your feet so sore? I don’t remember that being a problem when you were prancing about in stilettos in the Bahamas."

"I thought you would never ask, Jimmy!" Lauren put her feet on the floor and stood before me. She slowly unzipped the long zipper of her coat and shrugged it off of her shoulders. Lauren was completely naked. And she had a pronounced baby bump. "Surprise! I’m having a baby!" 

"Congratulations!" I was very confused. This girl was pregnant, getting married in two days and standing naked in my hotel room. "Lauren…" I began. Before I could say anymore, Lauren was on her knees, smiling up at me as she unbuckled my belt.

"Quiet, Jimmy. I had no idea pregnancy made you so horny. I have been dreaming of sucking your cock for weeks. Now, stand up and lose the pants." I did as I was told, my semi-hard dick danced in front of Lauren’s face. "Mmmm, good Jimmy. I want to feel you get hard in my mouth. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and slowly licked around the head of my cock. Her other hand massaged my balls, slid across my taint. I felt her slender finger slide into my ass crack. She slid my cock into her warm mouth an inch at a time, as I grew harder.

"Fuck Lauren, that’s it baby…" I murmured as I grabbed her hair and pushed my dick farther down her throat. "Swallow it baby…" I slowly started to fuck her mouth, letting her tongue massage the head of my cock, then pushing deeper and harder down her throat before finally taking control and slamming my cock down the back of Lauren’s throat.

"Guh! Guh! Guh! Guh!" Streams of saliva dripped from Lauren’s mouth onto her tits as my cock repeatedly hit the back of her throat. Still holding her hair, I pushed her head onto my cock, keeping up the pressure until she took me down her throat. "Gaaag! Gaaaah! Gaaag!" Lauren gagged as my cock blocked her airway. Her eyes widened as she tried to get her head off of my cock. With her hair wrapped around my fist, I roughly pulled her head off of my dick.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!" Lauren gasped for air as saliva dripped down her chin. She quickly regained her composure, because, well, she was Lauren. "I couldn’t breathe…I thought I was going to pass out, Jimmy. But take what you want. As rough as you want. Use me, Jimmy." I didn’t need any further encouragement. I had been jacking off for months remembering fucking this girl. I wanted her badly. I pulled her to her feet by her silky blonde hair and pushed her onto the bed. She crawled to the head of the bed and grabbed the headboard. She looked back at me invitingly. "Is this what you’re looking for, Jimmy?"

I kicked off my pants and underwear and pulled off my t-shirt. That was exactly what I wanted. As I crawled onto the bed, Lauren put her head down on a pillow, reached back and spread her ass wide. Her little pink asshole virtually vibrated with anticipation. 

"Take care of my asshole Jimmy. My bum has missed you so much!" I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips and licked my way up across her taint to her tiny back hole. Her anus instinctively tightened when the tip of my tongue lightly touched her asshole. Lauren moaned softly. "Eat my ass, Jimmy. Please. I need you to eat my ass." I didn’t need any further encouragement. 

I gathered that Lauren had been practicing gaping her ass, as my tongue slid all the way inside her with one soft push. Lauren inhaled sharply. "Ahhhhh! Oh yeah! Fuck yeah" she murmured as she pushed her asshole onto my tongue, pushing it farther into her rectum than I thought possible. "That’s it Jimmy. Eat that ass. Eat it" she murmured as her hips gyrated. Her fingers found her clit and she began stroking it seriously. As her body tensed with the coming orgasm, I grabbed her ass hard with both hands and held my tongue deep inside her. "Ummmmmph! Shit! Shit! Geez Jimmy! Yeah!" Lauren’s hips bucked as she came hard, but I held my tongue deep in her asshole. I started gently tongue fucking her ass as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her ass tasted so good.

"Jimmy, I want you to cum in my ass. But this baby has made me so fucking horny, I want you to fuck my pussy hard. Make me cum. Fuck me hard."

"Will it hurt the baby?" I asked naively. Lauren laughed.

"Your dick isn’t THAT big Jimmy! No, the doctor said sex was fine. Over here." Lauren popped out of bed and went over to the dressing mirror that took up most of the wall. She put her hands on the mirror and pushed her ass out. "Fuck me here, Jimmy. I want to see the look on your face when you fuck me." 

I stepped up behind Lauren and grabbed my cock. I parted her wet pussy lips with the knob of my dick, rubbing back and forth until I rubbed against her engorged clit. She moved her hips, rubbing herself against my cock. Suddenly, her body convulsed in another orgasm.

"Holy fuck Jimmy! What the fuck was that? I came before you even got your dick inside me. Shit!"

"I guess you were right about being horny," I surmised as I pushed my cock into her pussy. God this girl was tight. Lauren moaned as her pussy stretched to accept my cock.

"Damn Jimmy, yeah. I needed your cock so bad. Hard. Fuck me hard." I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled hard as I pushed repeatedly inside her, harder with each stroke. "Uh! Uh! Yeah! God damn!" We both grunted and moaned with the violent fucking. Lauren came twice in quick succession. Pregnancy does strange things to a woman I guess. "Ohhhhhffuuuccckkk!" Lauren’s pussy squeezed my cock tightly as I felt a burst of warm pussy juice surround my cock. It was all I could do not to cum right then. Lauren’s body relaxed as her waves of pleasure subsided. She slid me out of her pussy.

"I want your cum Jimmy. In my ass. Now." She didn’t waste any time, grabbing my cock, placing the tip on her anus and pushing her ass onto it. It was my turn to moan.

"Oh fuck Lauren, yeah!" As tight as her pussy was, Lauren’s ass was even tighter. I slowly slid in and out of her anus, savoring the tight, smooth, nasty sensation on my cock. It wasn’t going to take me long to grant Lauren’s wish.

"Do you like my asshole Jimmy? You own my asshole Jimmy. Cum in my ass, baby. Cum in my ass." She fucked me with her asshole a bit quicker, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

"Yeah…yeah…god…yeah," I gasped as my cock pulsed streams of cum into Lauren’s eager ass. She took over, sliding her ass in long strokes along my shaft, squeezing every bit of cum from my cock. 

"You feel so good in my ass Jimmy. I never thought I would like ass sex, but I love you in my ass."

I couldn’t even speak. My legs were weak and I was totally fucked out. Lauren got on all fours on the floor, sideways to the mirror. My cum was starting to seep from her asshole.

"Get down here Jimmy, you’re not done yet." I got thankfully to my knees. "Now you’re going to lick my asshole clean. And I am going to watch you in the mirror. My cum was already starting to seep from her asshole. It looked beautiful.

"Yes, please," I moved behind Lauren and spread her ass, making a spurt of cum squirt from her bum. I’ve eaten a lot of creampie in my day, but never an anal creampie. Lauren’s ass was so tight and hot, the perfect asshole for a first time.

"Put your head down." Lauren lowered herself onto her elbows and spread her knees apart a bit more, giving me access to the streams of cum running down each of her taut thighs. I slowly licked my way up her left thigh, pausing to clean my cum from her pussy and clit.

"Mmmm…yeah, lick me Jimmy. Lick my clit. I am close to cumming. Eat it. Eat my pussy." Her clit tasted salty, covered with my sticky load. I slid my tongue inside her, mixing the sweet taste of her pussy with the taste of my jizz. I touched her clit with my finger while my tongue probed her hole. She exploded in my mouth.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! Jesus fucking Christ Jimmy!" Lauren pushed her pussy hard onto my tongue, taking me deeper. She sucked her breath sharply through her teeth. "Whoa! Damn…that one snuck up on me. Shit…" As she regained her senses, Lauren reached behind her, grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her gushing butt hole. "Back to work Jimmy. I am watching you," she said playfully. "Clean that nasty asshole." I spread her ass and licked up the stream of semen running across her taint. I flicked my tongue rapidly across her stretched asshole, lapping up my cum as she squeezed it from her rectum. 

"Fuck Jimmy that is so hot, watching you lick up that cum. Finger my pussy while you lick." I slid two fingers inside her. I could tell from her moan when I found her spot. "Right there Jimmy. Touch me right there," she whispered. I plunged my tongue deeper into her asshole. Cum drenched my tongue and face as I slowly tongue fucked her asshole in rhythm with stroking her spot. "Mmmmoohhhh…yeah…damn Jimmy…you’re going to make me CUM AGAIN!!!!" Lauren’s body shuddered, the waves of pleasure vibrating out from her spot. I rubbed her a bit faster, sending another wave through her tight little body. Lauren pulled away from my tongue and fingers as she collapsed to the floor. "Hold me."

I stood and lifted Lauren to her feet. I guided her to the bed, pulled down the covers and we nestled together under the sheets. Her body radiated warmth like a heat lamp. It felt wonderful. Lauren took my hand and laid it on her baby bump. I caressed her smooth womb.

"Can you feel the baby kick yet?" I asked. It had been decades since my own babies were born.

Lauren laughed. "Way too early for that. But I think I felt the baby cum. Must be a girl."

"Really! That is so…creepy."

"Come on, old man! You are already robbing the cradle!" Lauren elbowed me as we both laughed. "Yeah that is creepy." Lauren put her hand over mine on her belly. "Can I tell you a secret about my baby?"

"It will have superpowers?"

"No, asshole, I’m serious."

"Okay, what’s the secret?"

"The baby is yours, Jimmy." My body tensed involuntarily. I had no words. Lauren sensed my obvious apprehension.

"How do you know? How are you sure?"

"I’ve never been pregnant before, but I could feel I was pregnant when I got on the plane on St. Thomas."

"But it could have been Byron at the Ritz." 

"Nope, remember I pulled him out of my pussy and swallowed his load while you switched from ass to pussy. You are the only one who came in my pussy. Remember I stopped in Pittsburgh? I did a pregnancy test to be sure. I knew I was pregnant."

"Would this…does this…affect your marriage?" I asked, not imagining how it could do otherwise.

"No. You’re missing my point. I’m thrilled you’re the father. David will be a great provider and a good companion, but I want a man like you to father my children. I fucked David the moment I got home, told him a few days later I was pregnant. He is happy. It is no problem."

I thought she was being overly optimistic, but what was done was done. "It’s a surprise Lauren, but I am happy that you’re happy having my baby."

"But I’m not done!" Lauren fished under the sheets for my spent cock, caressing it gently. "David and I want four kids. And this cock is going to father them all! I hope you will visit your family more often, because I need to fuck you. When I go on business trips, I want you to be there to fuck me. David is a prude and a pussy. I don’t want his babies."

"Holy shit." I thought with foreboding. Then, "Thank you God," once I considered the upside of making this girl my personal fuck toy.
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